Pinball for Change is back!

We did it!  $15000 raised, the classroom is under construction and should see students this fall.

We are going to keep going - our next goal is to add another $5000 to pay for a clean water system for the village of Kanambu!

I need to thank our past hosts - Rob, Adam, Eddie, Mike Luciani, Scott and Mark.  Couldn't do these tournaments without places to play.

Tournament cost beginning October 2017 is $30.  This includes a $20 donation to for Kanambu, the IFPA registration fee (beginning in 2018) and an honourarium to the host in exchange for food/drinks/wear/tear on then machine.

The format is usually head-to-head matchplay tournament with , usually beginning at 5 pm sharp with no new rounds after 9:30, followed by a playoff elimination bracket, unless noted otherwise.

Upcoming events!


November 18 at Adam's in Keswick

This tournament will take place in conjunction with Path of Play, and will be a standard Pinball for Change event.

December 16 at Bluffs Pinball in Scarborough.

This will be a standard format Pinball for Change Event.

January 13 at Walt's in Scarborough

This will be a Matchplay Marathon event.  13 rounds of 4 player Matchplay using Swiss formatting (ie players with similar scores play each other).  No playoffs required.  This tournament is limited to 24 players due to the size of the location and collection.  A waitlist will be run if necessary.

April 21 at Mark's in London

This will be a standard format Pinball for Change event.  Space is limited to 20 players, and a waitlist will be run.

Please click on the Registration tab to secure your spots for any of the events with Walt, but please specify which one(s) you would like to attend.

Goal - Get Pinball for Change to $20,000 so we can build a 2nd classroom in Ecuador.