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Upcoming Events


June 15 - Pinburgh Giveaway Tournament - Adam's place in Keswick ON

This is a special one-time tournament.  $40 entry fee.  Two participants will win an extremely coveted, almost impossible to get entry into Pinburgh, the world's largest pinball tournament.   This will be done randomly, and you must be a registered and present player in order to receive one of these Pinburgh tickets.  Pinburgh takes place on August 1-3 in Pittsburgh, PA. 


This tournament format will be unique - we're running a mini-Pinburgh.


Players will be grouped in 4 (or 3 depending on numbers).  First round will be based on IFPA rankings (using the same formula Pinburgh uses to set the groups initially), then subsequent rounds will be based on the Swiss Format (players playing people with similar records).  We will play two rounds of 3 games, then divide the pool of players into A&B Division, with as close to a 50% split as possible. A players will carry their scores forward, B players will reset their won-loss record (although seeding will be done using that record from the first two rounds.  We will then play two more 3 game rounds. 


The top 8 in each division will make the playoffs, which will be a 3 game PAPA style playoff, with the top 2 in each group advancing to the final.


Food and drinks will be provided with $15 of your $40.  Every single dollar taken in after the Pinburgh tickets are paid for (cost is $360 USD to purchase them) will be donated to thru Pinball for Change.


Doors at 11:00 am, First Round starts at 12.


Please paypal or EMT your registration money to wmorose (at) to confirm your spot.


Tournaments are IFPA certified and eligible for WPPR points.